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Limmer Stock Boots

Peter Limmer Stock BootsWe offer a full line of high quality stock boots and shoes which can be purchased in house. These products are made for us by a high quality footwear manufacturer in Bavaria. The models include a copy of the Custom boot to our Ultralight model. We also offer 2 models of walking shoes. These products are made from the highest quality materials available and like our Custom boots, they are all made with a single piece leather upper. This single piece upper makes for a very durable boot with a minimum of things to break. All of our models come with full leather linings for maximum comfort and durability. They all come with very durable Vibram soles. We offer personal fittings of these products and take the care with each customer to do our best to make sure they leave here with not only the best fit, but the best possible model choice for their hiking needs.

In stock hiking bootsAs boot makers, we have some tricks up our sleeves that can take that 'almost fits' situation to 'fits perfect'. When coming in for a stock boot fitting, there are a few things we need you to keep in mind. First, it's very important that we see you with an unstressed foot, so if you are coming to our area to hike, it's imperative that you come see us first. If we try to fit a foot that's been out hiking, we are most likely going to put you in a boot that's not the right size as well as it is difficult to assess the fit of a boot when your feet are sore. Second, you should bring in the socks you intend on wearing (we recommend a medium to heavy wool sock) with the boots as well as any other items such as footbeds or orthodics.

Finally, we need about an hour to do a proper boot fitting, so plan your travel time accordingly. Keep in mind, this is a very busy tourist destination and extra travel time should be planned, especially in summer and fall.

For mail order purchases of the Limmer Stock models, you can contact Limmer Boot Inc at 603-694-2668 or vist Limmer Boot .