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Limmer Boot Repair

Limmer Boot RepairOur repair department at Peter Limmer and Sons specializes in all facets of repair from minor cosmetic issues to completely rebuilding your favorite pair of hiking boots or walking shoes. We do not confine our repair services to Limmer products and we are happy to work on other brands of footwear. One of our goals in the repair department is to not change the shape of the boots while in for repair. We insert a foot model that is as close as possible to the shape of the boot in an effort to not make them narrower or shorter than when we started with them.

Our lead repair person has been with us for close to 10 years and is capable in all aspects of boot and shoe repair on not only Limmer products, but most others as well. Repair costs can vary greatly, so with a simple phone call (603 356-5378) we can offer you an estimate once we see the boots and can make and assessment of the needed repairs. With proper repair and regular maintenance, you can expect to get the maximum service from your boots.