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Limmer Custom Boots

images/info/Limmer-Custom-Boot.jpgWe have always experienced a backlog of our custom boots. Please contact us  for our current timeframe to complete your custom order. To establish your spot on our Custom backlog, we need the following things from you. We need a tracing and 5 circumference measurements of your feet. Tracing/measuring instructions as well as an order form are available upon request .

Please, follow the instructions as close as images/info/Limmer-Final-Measure.jpgpossible as we use this information to purchase the needed components to produce your boots. These tracings along with a $50.00 deposit will bookmark your spot on the backlog. The deposit is not transferable nor refundable. This deposit covers clerical work of ordering needed materials for the production of your boots. This deposit is applied to the final price of the boots. In the event that you should decide to not follow thru with your order, we will allow you to use the deposit for purchase of products in our shop.  

Please, remember to keep us up to date on any address changes as we do all of our notifications by snail-mail only. When the time comes for your order to be produced, we prefer to do a final tracing and measurements in the shop. This is the only way we can fully guarantee the fit. The final tracing should be done as close to the build time as possible so we are working with current information. We will build boots from tracings/measurements you provide, be can not be held responsible for improper fit. When you receive your notification, you will have 2 options. First option would be to come to the shop in Intervale NH within 30 days for final tracings/measurements and to make final payment.

images/info/Limmer-Custom-Boot-1.jpgThe boots are usually completed within 6 weeks of that visit. If the timing is not right for a visit to the shop in that time frame, you can submit a 50% deposit of the balance and that will hold your order for 1 year from that date. After one year, if you are unable to make it in, we will refund your 50% deposit. The final price of the boot is determined at the time of the build, so any price increases between time of order until time of manufacture will be passed on to you. Feel free to contact us  with any questions.