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Limmer Boot Showroom FloorAt Peter Limmer and Sons, we have been told we make the best boots in the world. We don't like to boast, so we let our customers say it for us. We have a library of testimonials  going back to the beginning when Peter Limmer Sr. started making his traditional Tyrolean Walking shoes as well as his Patented ski boots . Even before that, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, Peter Sr's father made footwear in a small shop in the town of Peterskirchen Germany. Peter Sr obtained his Master Shoe Makers certificate from the Shoemaker's Guild on August 25th, 1921. He moved to the U.S. in 1925 and set up shop in Jamaca Plain area around Boston and became popular with is shoes. His 2 sons, Peter Jr and Francis learned the trade there. In 1950, Peter Sr moved his family from the Boston area up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire because it reminded him of his home in Bavaria. Since the days of the Limmer Ski boots which were made of leather, the plastic boots have taken over that business, so we now offer only the Limmer Hiking boot line. From here, the family owned business has shod feet of the famous and not so famous wilderness trampers from New England to Tasmania.

At Peter Limmer and Sons, we feel confident that we can provide you with the finest possible footwear for your hiking needs. We can provide both our Bavarian made stock models  as well as our hand made Limmer Customs . Some people ask 'why go with the Custom Boot?' There are 2 main types of people that opt for the Customs. First is the person with a fit challenge in the form of odd shaped feet or feet of greatly different sizes. The second is the person that just wants the ultimate in all of his or her hiking and backpacking gear.Limmer Lasts

Our boots are a sound investment whether stock or Custom as they offer extreme durability and reliability. It is not unusual to have boots in our repair department that are 50+ years old and still going strong. With over 30 years of experience in making boots, Peter S. Limmer, grandson of Peter Sr, will put the same painstaking care and effort in making you the best pair of boots you will ever wear.

Although we have sustained somewhat of a backlog for the past 40 years or so, most people say the wait is well worth it. As well as the Stock and Custom boot offerings, we also provide a complete boot and shoe repair service . Our goal has always been to deliver a quality product and that principle has held precedence over big profits for the duration of our business. "A good reputation is more valuable than money" Publilius Syrus (~100 BC) Please, browse the website to view our offerings and feel free to contact us  if you have any questions.